Participating in our studies is easy and will keep you up to date with current technologies so you stay healthier.

Volunteering for Clinical Research Studies

Clinical research studies are vital to improving the quality of care for those with chronic conditions. Patients who volunteer at AMCRI contribute to the discovery of new therapies to treat and possibly cure their illness. You are an important link to cutting-edge research that can benefit people long before a medication or device becomes available in the healthcare marketplace.

Each study has specific requirements such as age, sex, and a current diagnosis of the medical condition under study. A physician reviews the medical history of anyone interested in participating. All volunteers will be given details on the study procedures, risks and benefits as part of the required “informed consent” process. This process allows volunteers to ask pertinent questions of the clinical study team and to be regularly informed about all aspects of the study they are involved with.


What is clinical trial?

  • Clinical trials are conducted to answer a specific question
  • Scientists perform clinical trials on patient volunteers in an effort to discover innovative methods of patient care and to improve those already in existence
  • In the United States, clinical trials are conducted under the direction of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) before being made available for general clinical use
  • Clinical trials are not to be confused with treatment

Why participate in a clinical trial at AMCRI?

  • Help people suffering from diabetes, obesity and other endocrine disorders
  • Gain access to investigational treatments before they become widely available
  • Play a role in the discovery of treatments, and a more active role in your own healthcare
  • Obtain access to free physical examinations and diagnostic tests related to the study
  • Be compensated for time and travel related to the study

To apply for an AMCRI clinical research study, please click here to complete the enrollment form and we will contact you to see if you qualify. For further information, you may email us at: [email protected]