AMCR Institute is a clinical research center engaged in Phase I-IV trials of therapy for diabetes. For more than 20 years, AMCR Institute’s Director Dr. Timothy Bailey has directed endocrine and metabolic clinical trials for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. He is a board-certified Endocrinologist and ACRP-certified Physician Investigator.

In addition to pharmaceutical research, AMCR Institute carries out medical device trials, from feasibility to pivotal phases. AMCR Institute has extensive experience with regulatory, quality system, and patient-specific issues with devices for persons with diabetes. We understand human factors testing and can assist in the requirements gathering process by facilitating focus groups of appropriate patients. We test both stand-alone and embedded software and understand the software development process.

Through a solid network of referring physicians from across Southern California, AMCR Institute has built a robust and comprehensive patient database for assembling ideal populations to meet sponsors’ goals. Our staff works with the local communities and health centers, diabetes educators and physicians in San Diego and Riverside Counties. Dr. Bailey’s rigorous standards have continued to attract a global roster of sponsors who recognize his commitment to patient care and perfect execution of clinical trial protocols.


“Getting things done means moving closer toward the goal of defeating diabetes, a goal shared by the many dedicated people I come into contact with in the research community every day including Dr. Timothy Bailey of AMCR Institute in Escondido, California, a prominent endocrinologist and one of Novo Nordisk’s most respected Principal Investigators.”

Michele Weiss, Senior CRA, Novo Nordisk


For further information please contact: N. Celeste Bailey, PhD Chief Scientific Officer [email protected] 760.466.1534