SARS-CoV2 Vaccine Testing

We Are Ready to Help With SARS-CoV2 Vaccine Testing

AMCR Institute managed to remain fully operational despite Covid-19 undeniably disrupting and indelibly changing the world of clinical research.

We are grateful for our AMazing CRew, clients and partners, and study volunteers taking the newly identified steps together and thereby helping us to navigate immediate concerns, keeping trials on track and adapt and prepare for the inevitable changes for the future.

Safety and treatment continuity are paramount.
Thinking ahead for business continuity is key.

Our mission is “Improving lives through Quality Clinical Research”

AMCR Institute as diabetes and obesity specialized research site is particularly committed to fighting against a further fast spread of COVID-19 as people with diabetes are reported to have an increased risk of developing the infection and a higher risk for a severe disease course and mortality. We are, therefore, prepared to conduct trials for SARS-CoV-2.

We can offer deep experience with global regulatory landscape as well as years of routine in conducting early phase trials (including FIH- First in human) at the highest quality level. Combined with our fast and high number enrollment capabilities this allows us to support companies looking for rapid and effective support in their clinical development.

Needless to say, that our research for better diabetes and obesity treatments and monitoring devices will continue with no interruption.


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