I'm in excellent health after having Type 1 for almost 50 years and all because of my doctors at AMCR. They're fantastic endocrinologists and so is their staff! - Kim

My children have done quite a few diabetic studies there. The staff at AMCR Institute have always treated my son and daughter like kings and queens sitting in their thrones doing blood draws I feel it's very important that the patients that come there are treated with the upmost respect possible people who don't go through the ups and downs of caring for diabetes like these kids and parents do forget to imagine what it's like to live with diabetes on a day-to-day basis so to treat them with the upmost respect it's so crucial in my Opinion. - Amy

"I want to thank you and your staff for allowing me to be part of the Diabetes study. I enjoyed meeting and working with all of you. I feel like I have made a great effort to help keep my diabetes under better control. I watch what I eat, and try very hard to get more exercise than before. I will recommend your study to anyone I know who needs to be more conscious of their diabetes. Once again I say Thank You for your dedication and help." - Tresia, a patient volunteer

"Thank you for making our dreams a reality at Insulindependence's 14th North American Conference on Diabetes and Exercise. With your help, Insulindependence inspired more than 30000 individuals through our YouTube campaign, and met our goal of serving 200 conference attendees. It was a true honor to partner with the AMCR Institute team each step of the way. We are excited to build upon this year's success and take things to a whole new level in 2014. Thanks again for being such a welcoming next-door neighbor!" - Brennan Cassidy, Business Manager - Insulindependence.

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the 10 day Medtronic sensor trials. If all aspects of their Research and Development are successful, the shear convenience of a 10 day vs a 3 day sensor will be worth it. I also appreciate you e-mailing me the detailed appointment/requirements information. I have previously performed diabetes trials with AMCR; the professionalism and conduct of the trials makes participation a very positive experience. Because I am a Medtronic pump user, this trial has special personal significance. Again, thank you." - Rich, a patient volunteer

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